Thursday, July 11, 2013

calcium intake and cardiovascular disease

act nk share sedikit info mengenai calcium supplement intake dengan cardiovascular disease (sakit jantung bgi yg tidak familiar dengan isitilah ni, atau pun maybe korg akan google dan tau :)
but, not sure it is significant for Malaysia population or not. just read it as an additional info n maybe for your further consideration to take supplement continuously or to choose natural food that contain high calcium such as milk and milk products :)
Meta-analyses of randomized studies have shown that taking calcium supplements is associated with increased risk of coronary disease and stroke. A Swedish cohort study has confirmed the increased risk for cardiovascular disease in general but not for stroke.

The Swedish mammography cohort was set up in 1987 and included 61,433 women born between 1914 and 1948. National registries provided data about all-cause and cardiovascular mortality over a mean follow-up of 19 years. Food frequency questionnaires in 1987 and 1997 provided data about dietary intake and use of calcium supplements for 38,984 women. The relationship between calcium intake and all-cause mortality took the form of a ‘J-shaped curve’ with higher mortality at both extremes of intake. An intake of 1,400 mg a day of calcium was associated with significant increases of 40 percent in all-cause mortality, 49 percent in cardiovascular mortality, and 114 percent in coronary disease mortality, and no significant change in stroke mortality, compared with a calcium intake of 600-1,000 mg a day. After further statistical analysis, low intakes of calcium  (less than 600 mg/day) were no longer significantly associated with increased mortality. Among people taking calcium tablets and with a dietary calcium intake of more than 1,400 mg/day, all-cause mortality was increased 2.6-fold.

High calcium intake is associated with increased all-cause and cardiovascular mortality.  

Michaƫlson K et al. Long-term calcium intake and rate of all cause and cardiovascular mortality: community-based prospective longitudinal cohort study. BMJ 2013;346:14 (f228).

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