Thursday, July 11, 2013

baby dan vaksin

hai bloggers, while searching goods to read terjumpa ni. for mummy2 dan mummy to be boleh baca and take note juga:) insyaALLAH, islam itu mudah dan tidak membebankan kita sampai perlu had kan itu dan ini sehingga kemaslahatan diri kita terjejas. ape2 pn boleh search byk lagi sumber bacaan mengenai hukum vaccine itu sendiri. pendek cerita don't judge without knowing the fact and deep of it :)
I reckon that some of you may have your own stand on this matter- vaccination. While some of you may disagree, I believe majority of us still believe in vaccination as an effective preventive measure to combat certain infectious diseases. However, the last few months or so, someone may have spoken to you or you may have read on Facebook – that vaccination is not what it seemed. That it is not safe , causes autism, not ‘halal’ and that vaccines are only for profits. You googled. There were many articles on the pros but there were quite a lot on the cons as well. You read the disadvantages of vaccination and then everything seem to weigh on you. You cant help it but started to wonder if they were all true.

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