Monday, July 12, 2010

happy relationship

1) Pay attention to your loved one Let the other person know that you are interested and care about what they have to say.

2) In order to happy in a relationship, you must first be happy with yourself. When you are happy with yourself, you make yourself more attractive to your partner.

3) Validate the other person's feeling when they're upset Saying, "I understand why you're upset" can go a long way in a relationship.

4) Leave behind your emotional baggage. This can put unnecessary strain on a relationship

5) During a fight, acknowledge each other’s feelings without judgements or criticisms You should make an effort to understand the problems in a relationship while also showing compassion and caring for the other person.

6) Don't compare your relationship to another as there will always be someone that you think has it better. Why worry about it? Be happy with what you have.

7) Don't use something that has been told to you in confidence as a weapon against the other person. Nothing good can come of this as it could seriously hurt the other person and make it harder for them to trust you and feel secure in your relationship.

8) Recognize that all relationships have issues. The difference between a happy relationship and an unhappy one, is that a happy couple will identify an issue, negotiate it, resolve it and move on. Remember that.

9) Remind yourself that it is okay to be angry, but you're partner is not your enemy. No matter how much you might love your partner, differences can cause conflict in a relationship and there might be legitimate reasons to be angry. Remember that disagreeing is normal but doesn't change the fact that you have feelings for the other person.

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